Five Things You Need To Know about Windows 10


Windows 10, the new version of Windows, is packed with improvements over its predecessor, Windows 8. With many security improvements, enhanced identity protection and APIs to develop apps in new platforms, Windows 10 is offering a lot of new stuff.

The modes are different in the PC version as well as the tablet and mobile version. This makes the adoption easier than in Windows 8 and 8.1.

Here are five interesting things about Windows 10:

    • Better UI with clean distinction between the mobile and the PC versions

Windows 8 was launched in 2012 with the view of making windows compatible with touch devices. However, the UI was bad and the OS became difficult to use with desktops and laptops.
At the end of 2014, only 35 million copies of Windows installed were Windows 8. Around 449 million were Windows 7 from a total of 732 million. Subsequent revisions tried to combat these issues, but most companies used the more-reliant Windows 7 software.
WIth the newly launched Windows 10, it seems that the UI issues are fixed and the UI looks a lot more like that in Windows 7. The ”adaptive” OS detects the device you are using and customizes the UI accordingly. This would help you switch easily between your devices – phone, tablet and a PC.

    • Enhanced Security features

Improvements in areas like identity protection and access control are provided by Microsoft. With the vulnerable password verification, it was risky for the companies to use Windows. Now, access control allows users to use a two password method, which looks to be more secure than the one-password alternative.
Other than identity protection, data loss prevention is also being provided. It automatically distinguishes personal and corporate data and protects them using “containment.” Corporate data will be already encrypted on desktop and mobile devices.
For VIrus and malware protection, Windows will only allow apps which have been signed using a Microsoft provided signing service.

    • Universal App

Windows 10 is the first OS with unified codes and APIs for all the devices. This means that just by minor modifications, all apps built for it can run on all the devices. This is good for both the creators and the users, as users can sync all apps to all of their devices while developers don’t need to create copies of the app from scratch for different devices. The OS is supported by tablets, phones, desktops, the Xbox console and also the “Internet of Things” devices.

    • Surprise Technology

There are many new features included in Windows 10. It was not just about fixing the glitches present in Windows 8. It will include the following features:

      • Hologram: Microsoft calls this a “Holographic Computing Platform.” With the help of this, 3-D apps can be created and can be viewed with a HoloLens. It is a hologram viewer which provides HD holograms and 3D surround sound.
      • Cortana: The assistant from Microsoft is being ported directly from Windows 8. This enables voice commands in Windows 10 as well.
      • Project Spartan: A new browser, is being planned with Windows 10. This is code named Project Spartan. This will be the universal browser which will be constantly updated for security enhancements. With this browser coming together with Windows 10, IE seems to be going away. However, the OS will come with IE as well, to support the older programs.

Microsoft Spartan


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