How A Woman Can Be On The United States Currency

During a speech in Kansas City last year, President Obama said that he had received a letter from a small girl that asked him why there aren’t any women on their currency. She also provided a list of potential women who can be put on the dollar bills, quarters and stuff. This was an amazing idea, he felt.

For decades now, a 20$ bill has the picture of Andrew Jackson on it. This needs to be replaced by some famous women is the idea of the new online campaign that is taking off. Some women in New York have initiate an online campaign called WOMEN ON 20s, to build interest of public to support the idea of replacing Andrew Jackson with a woman on the $20 bill.

How a woman can be on the united states currency

According to Susan Ades Stone, a journalist and spokeswoman for the campaign, the 7th President on the 20$ bill was a fierce opponent of paper money and should be dropped from the currency. Through this W20s campaign, many women are trying to get opinions of people in the country whether to replace Jackson with the women or not. Additionally, putting women on the 20$ bill has superb symmetry. In 2020, it will be 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage.

The selection of the women would be based on balloting. 15 famous women have been nominated for the first-round. These involve women from Susan B. Anthony to Rosa Parks to Rachel Carson. The people will choose any three candidates according to their wish in the first round which will be known as primaries. Then the top three females who get maximum votes will go to the final round. The winner of the balloting will then be presented to the president “as the people’s choice.


The campaign took off really fast with more than 72,000 people voting in the online poll of 15 potential replacements for Jackson. The idea of putting a woman on 20$ bill was started by Barbara Ortiz Howard. One day, she realized that her daughter and no everyday reminders of famous women in the history and that is when she thought of getting women on 20$ bill. Her mission also involves educating people about the famous women of their history.

However, the decision of replacing Jackson with a woman absolutely depends upon the Treasury Secretary. But the secretary Lew in unable to make a change without the president’s approval. With all this going on with acceleration, Howard and Ades Stone are also facing controversies and they have not brought their idea to the government yet. The list of 15 women includes several black women and an Asian-American woman to whom some people have expressed disappointment. It turns out that settling on fifteen finalists, let alone choosing a winner, is easier said than done.


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