Reasons why I use whatsapp compared to Viber and WeChat

SMS ruled the technology for almost a decade and people believed that this rule won’t end soon. But with the launch of instant messaging apps we have forgone the use of SMS and calls and are highly dependent on these apps for most of our communications needs. If we consider WhatsApp, Viber and Wechat; WhatsApp will be rated highest according to its popularity worldwide but WeChat features the most and the best Emojis that allow us to make our exchanging messages with more fun. Viber has a very slow growth of usage and is basically only used for making international calls.


The benefits driven from these messaging apps are amazing. Within no time, you are able to connect with your loved ones and others all over the world. Sending snaps, exchanging messages, long call conversations and video conferencing has become easiest that was never before. IM apps have made communications convenient for business work also. People can speak to multiple people in the virtual conference in the real-time, share ideas and get conclusions. What’s more, the staff can talk to customers or vendors online as well, in other word, now people can do business through the instant messenger direct rather than use the traditional method like make phone calls.

But there are some negative aspects too. There is an inability to gauge emotional well being through IM. There is a possibility of getting viruses from people you don’t know. Many a times, there is an uncertainty that the person you are talking to is the person you are talking to. This can be dangerous, especially for teens, as there’s no guarantee of knowing who the person is or how old they are. Workplaces now have certain rules when it comes to using IMs, which if ignore, could lead to loss of employment. However, social media and messaging through these apps is on rise and advantages from these over power these negative impacts.
What’s the Best out of WhatsApp / WeChat or Viber:



WhatsApp rules because of the sheer community size it has. Almost everyone in the world, rural or urban places, uses whatsapp and that makes one use whats app more than WeChat or Viber. There can be a possibility that many of the people will not be aware about any other App than WhatsApp for texting and social networking. WhatsApp is free, functions smoothly and does not require huge space in the smart phones. My personal contacts with WhatsApp has sored in the thousands allowing me to keep in touch with people during my travels across the world and my business partners in over now 30 different countries. WhatsApp is so large now in some countries where it is used more for communication than regular SMS and all other methods combined. WhatsApp allows now for members to have chat-rooms as large as 100 people in size and you can transfer 10 photos with a click of a couple of buttons in seconds. Or forward over 100 photos unlike what you can do with any other system. Since WhatsApp system is completely fluid it has allowed me to catch up on messages while on the plane by easily seeing who I have have not messaged back and who needs attention quickly. The simple ability to send massive amounts of people the same voice message without repeating myself in just a few clicks.




WeChat has the best of smiley and Emojis to express your feeling over messages. But still somehow, WeChat has not gained much popularity as WhatsApp outside of the Asian countries. It gives you a lot of exciting features like Friend Radar, Shakeit, Custom Id Creation, Custom used moments on profile & a lot more to make it a creative messenger for present youths. WeChat also suffers in taking up massive amounts of memory on phones and slowing down the phones capabilities especially for the Android market.  WeChat’s group chat function is by far the best, allowing you to have over 500 members in one chat-room.



Viber on the other hand, is completely different in usage. Since whats app and WeChat do not allow to make calls, Viber does this task with almost no charges regardless of where people are situated. However, Viber required a strong 3G network of Wi-Fi connection or higher to function efficiently. So for international calls Viber wins.


To conclude, WhatsApp will keep on ruling the IM services until WeChat and Viber come up with something very exciting that make users attract towards them. Let’s think about this for a second and remember Facebook purchased WhatsApp for BILLIONS of dollars, they did it for a reason.


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