Aaron McNamara Racist Police Officer Shoots Innocent Man

Discrimination against African-Americans on religious grounds still exists and this was proved when Aaron McNamara had written that black people should be “exterminated,” in one of his social media accounts. Aaron McNamara is a young auxiliary officer with the Fairview Park police department, who resigned after being charged for his overtly racist comments on Youtube videos. Throughout his social media accounts, he has spoken about African American as ‘jungle monkeys’ and ‘spooks’, and should be still enslaved. Volunteers in the auxiliary force are non-sworn members with no arrest authority. They assist with parades, traffic control, service-oriented calls and locking up parks.



Here are some of the comments that were screen-captured before he deleted them, and finally resigned just today!

On February 28th of this year, he commented on a video called “Hood fight”, saying the following incredibly offensive comments:

“Abolishing slavery was the worst thing we could have done. These people should be exterminated… Unbelievable.”

Commenting on a video of a young African American child using “no-no words,” he said: “This is how cop killers are raised my friends.”

In response to protesters for Michael Brown, he writes: “You’ll burn the American flag but you’re quick to cash that Obama check! Parasites.”

Police say on Thursday, an e-mail was received from Doug Brown, staff writer at Cleveland Scene magazine, concerning racially-charged comments made by a member of the Fairview Park volunteer auxiliary force and posted online. Police immediately began an investigation, requesting specific details about posts, but Brown said all accounts had been closed and were no longer viewable online.

He regularly commented on videos that he lives in the Cleveland area and was training to be cop. And on the same account, he uploaded a video of himself — showing a clear picture of his face, unmistakably the person on his recent social media accounts — and titled it with his full first, middle and last names. His full name matches up.


After his denials, that information was brought up to McNamara. He then blocked us on Twitter, locked that account from public view — changing his header picture of him in uniform to a skyline shot of Cleveland — and deleted his Instagram profile. Even more damning, however, those Youtube and Google+ accounts were deactivated and deleted within minutes; the same accounts he said were not from him.

Yesterday, after we confirmed it was the same person and he deleted everything, we reached out to Fairview Park police chief Erich Upperman for comment and included the texts of many of McNamara’s comments included in this to let him know what was coming. In the course of the department’s investigation, McNamara was interviewed, and upon conclusion, was asked to resign. He is no longer a member of the agency.


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